5 Reasons to Use a Trellis to Grow Cucumbers

Cucumbers can, and may prefer to, grow up a trellis.  I always thought of them as a ground creeping plant so it’s exciting to watch them climb.

IMG_0578There are two types of cucumber growing in my garden and they are spreading like wildfire. I was staring at the plants trying to think of a solution to the overcrowding as they have begun to escape the raised beds and are heading for the ground. Having huge healthy plants busting the garden seams is every gardener’s dream, but what can I do to protect them? Once they hit the ground they will mix in with the grass which I will no longer be able to mow and all the usual garden bandits will show up for a midnight feast.
Staring at the cucumbers I noticed that they had the same shoots as my climbing beans. These shoots are twisting around the other plants and some are reaching up clearly looking for something to grab.

Could I provide a trellis to solve the space issues? How can a cucumber climb without the heavy fruit ripping the vine?


5 Interesting Cucumber Facts

• They are members of the melon family.
• They grow in temperatures between 15-33°C.
• They are 95% water.
• They contain substances called lignins which are connected to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.
• They are high in vitamin K which is responsible for strong healthy bones and regulating blood clotting.



After researching trellis cucumbers I felt like I’d been doing it wrong all along. Why take up so much garden space if I don’t have to? I carefully dug up the root ball of one cucumber vine and transplanted it into a planter with a trellis. It now lives with the peas.
Only time will tell if it:
a) survives the transplant
b) climbs up the trellis
c) is strong enough to hold its fruit


5 Benefits of Using a Trellis to Grow Cucumbers

• Takes up less square footage in the garden plot
• Will no longer have the yellow line on it where the fruit lays growing in the dirt
• Gravity will allow the fruit to hang straight down rather than curl or bend, making a straighter end result
• Easier to water the root while keeping the leaves dry
• Finding and picking fruit will be faster

3 Easy Steps to Growing Cucumber on a Trellis

1. Plant cucumber plants or seeds in a nutrient rich and well watered soil.
2. Once the shoots start looking for something to climb guide them to the trellis. You can carefully wrap them around the wire manually or use string for the plant to follow.
3. Sit back and watch it grow up towards the sun.

Only time will tell which method I prefer. Which method do you prefer?



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