Advice for New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, From a Bunch of Ten-Year-Olds

Today I learned that even our school-aged children have high hopes and expectations of our new Prime Minister.

It’s structured play time and  I’m wandering around the Kindergarten classroom in search of minds to mold.  So many minds, so little time.  imgres

Then I spot it.

Is that what I think it is?

A group of 3 boys are building something magnificent with blocks. They are feverish and animated in their words but they aren’t fighting.

Dear sweet Lord are they collaborating?

I slink closer. I want to hear what they are saying to each other while they build. I slither in. I’m three feet away, they sense my approach. I spin quickly on my heel pretending to be looking for a place to hang artwork. No one questions that I am not holding any art.

Their heads are back down and they are back at it.

I shuffle closer still. They are heated but in passion not anger.  Usually this type of emotion ends with one or all of them running up to tattle on someone. Sometimes even on them self. This is why I must remain unseen if I am going to get to hear their true conversation.

Kindergarteners’ Accidental Homage to a New Prime Minister Trudeau

It would appear that they have decided as a group that someone needs to blow on the flag to make it flap. One boy has decided that the clock needs numbers, a plain wooden circle is not enough. Another that trees would be a nice addition.

Now I have heard it all and, as usual, I am impressed.

These boys are building the Canadian Parliament Buildings. Mind blown. I knew this was Parliament from across the room. The ECE told me that it was all their idea and she hadn’t prompted them in any way. She did print a picture so they could model it for accuracy, but that’s why she’s awesome.


I ask them if they know how important this building is today because we are getting a new Prime Minister. They have no idea what a Prime Minister is and look at me with faces that say “don’t you have some artwork to hang?”

At 10:30 am I turn on the ceremony for my Grade 5 class.

I tell them it’s live and that they are watching history unfold. They are mesmerized. Did I just hear a pin drop?

When Trudeau finishes his oath they clap and cheer for him. When the throat singers giggle so do they. These kids are loving this and they are proud to be witnesses.

What Ten-Year-Olds Want From Their Prime Minister

Once he is sworn in, I have only one question for them. What do you hope our new Prime Minister will do for our country?

I know what you are thinking…chocolate milk to replace tap water, candy before bed, homework outlawed, or skate parks on every corner.

Not even close.

These students have legitimate and high hopes.

imgresOne student wants him to please let in more people from poor countries because she hasn’t seen her family in almost four years. “My cousin turned five and I have missed everything that happened in his life.”

“I wish he could stop the war in Yemen.”

“I hope he can stop Ebola.”

“If he made everything in the world free then people would stop killing.” The student then explains that people rob people because they have needs. Then the people who get robbed seek revenge because they too have needs and want their stuff back. She sums it all up by saying, “no money no fighting.”

All I can think is WOW.



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