Fireballs Are Flying Over Ottawa. Look Up!

Today I learned about something called a taurid. Not to be confused with torrid, of the well know affair.

How on Earth Did I Encounter a Taurid?

It isn’t even on Earth funny enough.

My husband yells to me to come quick because he just saw something strange in the sky.  I’m like oh not again…

Still watching out the window, he describes a long slow streak of green that stretched along our tree line then exploded into three trails over our garage.

According to my internet research, what he saw was a Taurid.

A what?

A South Taurid to be exact.

What is a Taurid?

A Taurid is an annual meteor shower.

We all know that space junk is floating up above us because saving the earth from it has been the plot of many Hollywood movies.


Courtesy of Google images.

This South Taurid is space garbage that is thought to be debris from Comet Encke.  The vast remnants of Encke are always there, but it isn’t until Earth travels through this particular belt that the pieces can barrel through into our atmosphere.  It takes a couple of weeks to pass through this belt so many pieces of junk come through annually.  Earth is in this belt right now so it is possible to see the comet chunks whizzing by with the naked eye.

This particular group of Taurids originates from the constellation Taurus the Bull.

These meteors are most active in October and November.



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