The Fuck-Up by Arthur Nersesian

The Fuck-Up by Arthur Nersesian is a story about a young guy who is just what the title implies, a total fuck-up.


Courtesy of Google Images

He can find a way to ruin anything good that comes his way.

He is searching for the best life with the least amount of effort and will do anything it takes to satisfy his needs.  This takes him to some of the shadier parts of New York.

He lies, steals, abuses his body and mind, cheats on his girlfriend, and even goes to great lengths to pretend he is gay to achieve one of his scams.  We should hate him, but we don’t.

I never felt sorry for anything that happened to him but I certainly enjoyed peeking in on his wreck of an existence.  The end has a twist that I didn’t see coming but is plausible as it followed the path he was heading down.

The cover design sparks conversation as it grabs people’s attention pretty quickly!

I recommend this book as it is a fast read and it is interesting the whole way through.


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