Do I Own a Piece of the Earth’s Core?

When I bought my first house I had no idea what I was doing.

I called the listing agent of the house I liked rather than get my own agent.  I think that was my first mistake.  I didn’t ask any of the questions that I should have and I always suspected that the agent “stretched the truth” a couple of times.  I asked her if anyone else was interested in the property and she said yes.  I am certain she used this as a scare tactic to get me to put in an offer quickly.  A couple of years after I sold it the house burned down.  A neighbour who still lives on that street told me the new owners were away for the weekend and their dogs were in a kennel so everyone was safe.  Since they were conveniently out of town I secretly suspected that maybe they burned it down to get the insurance money, but the old neighbour told me they didn’t have insurance.  Yikes!  I still drive by the smoke damaged house and no one seems to live there so I am very curious as to what happened with it all.

How far down do I own?

How far down do I own?

We have a much better real estate agent now.  He helped us sell the first house and find the second one.  I have no negative feelings over the purchase of our second home.  I recently called him to ask him a very random question.

Is There is a Chance That I Own a Bit of Heaven and Hell?

My question was, when a person owns property, how far down into the earth do they own? Do I own a piece of the earth’s core? Or Hell? And how far up do I own for that matter? Slice of Heaven?

He didn’t know but said that it would be on my deed to the land because every purchase is different.


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